Anger over ‘outrageous’ price rise

Scoonie Golf Club'Leven
Scoonie Golf Club'Leven

Local golfers have voiced their anger over price increases at the municipal golf club in the town.

The keen golfers, who have all been members at Scoonie Golf Club – managed by Fife Golf Trust, which took over from Fife Council in 2011 - for a number of years, were dismayed to find that their annual season ticket has risen from £135 per year to £150, an increase of over 11 per cent with no prior warning.

One of the players, Will Brooks, noted that, with the rate of inflation in the UK at 1.9 per cent, it was an ‘outrageous’ increase in the price.

Mr Brooks said: “If Scoonie real estate was privately owned, the owners would be at liberty to set whatever prices they deemed appropriate.

“However, the facts of the matter are that the land, which was formerly owned by Ralph Christie of Durie Estates, was gifted to the people of Leven for their benefit and not intended to give empowerment to a small exclusive group for its financial advantage.”

Another player, Denis Johnson, said the price increase means he now has to pay extra on top of his season ticket if he ever wants to play on a Saturday. He said: “The fact is, I’m now pAlistair MacGregor, chairman of the board, said FGT had a projected loss of £22,000 for 2013/14, and that subsidies from Fife Council had been reduced by £80,000 in a four-year period. “In real terms this funding reduction is significant and we need to respond to that.” He did note that junior prices had been reduced to encourage junior golf at the club and that Scoonie would soon benefit from £300,000 of investment from Fife Council for better greenkeeper facilities and refurbishment of part of the clubhouse. aying the same as I was for five days that I used to pay for seven. The first I heard was when we got our renewal forms in – there was no reason for the increase, no explanation.”

And George Dyce, who has played at the club for around 15 years, said he can’t remember a price rise as high as that in all his time there.

“In this day and age, it’s a big hike right at the last minute to throw on ‘joe public’ who will all be feeling the tightness at the moment.”