Anstruther couple stacking the chips for Monte Carlo

Irene and Murray Cameron - aka Murray's chippy from Anstruther
Irene and Murray Cameron - aka Murray's chippy from Anstruther

It boasts the most famous casino in the world, is home to the super-wealthy, and conjures up images of Grace Kelly and Aristotle Onassis.

But Monte Carlo’s casino square is soon to welcome it’s latest international dignitary...none other than Murray’s Chippy Van!

Yes, Irene and Murray Cameron from Anstruther will be driving the chip-fuelled chariot over 2000 miles to attend a lavish three-day Monte Carlo Whisky Conference.

Murray (48) said: “We got a phone call out of the blue saying His Serene Highness Prince Albert has requested you serve him fish and chips and I thought: ‘I don’t have time for this’.”

But after thinking it a prank, the pair were dumbfounded when they discovered the invitation was genuine.

“It’s a great honour,” said Murray, “we started 23 years ago and back then my wife peeled the tatties in the sink.”

The Maison D’Ecosse event, which starts November 29, will see Murray and Irene (44) serving up hundreds of fish suppers.

Murray, who has dubbed the trip ‘Murray Chippy’s Miles To Monte Carlo’ in aid of the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal said: “The van’s only got 26,000 miles and it’s just been fitted out with two new tyres. It’s a long two-day journey but it will be worth it.”

An Edinburgh supplier is sending fish directly to the Cafe De Paris but Murray is taking his own special batter mix.

He said: “I’m going to take my own potatoes too because it’s not every potato that makes a chip. They’ll no’ have tasted anything like this before!”