Anstruther group to canvass your views

Hew Scott Hall
Hew Scott Hall

OVER 3000 homes in the East Neuk can expect a survey through their door early next week asking them what changes they would like to see in the area.

The Anstruther Improvements Association (AIA) – which is due to take ownership of the set of buildings incorporating the Hew Scott Hall, the Anstruther Wester Town Hall and the St Nicholas Tower at the end of 2013 – has won a £10,000 grant from the Big Lottery to carry out a needs assessment for the town.

The survey will be sent to all 2000 households in Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny and a further 1000 households in neighbouring towns and villages.

Elizabeth Gordon, AIA president, said: “We felt we needed to carry out some research to find out exactly what we should be using the buildings for.

“To ensure they are really relevant to community life, we need to know what the community needs most.

“The results of the survey will be used to develop the use of the halls for community events and activities.”

The assessment will cover a wide range of social issues, some of which might be addressed by activities hosted in the restored building.

“We have deliberately chosen to keep the householder survey broad so the results will be relevant to other interested parties in Anstruther,” Ms Gordon continued.

“We hope the survey will be a shared resource for community groups in the burgh.”

The survey will be followed up by a number of focus groups targeting specific sectors of the community, including businesses.

The needs assessment will be carried out by research company, Knowledge Partnership.

The Big Lottery Fund is the largest distributor of National Lottery good cause funding across the UK.

The fund aims to enable others to make real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need.