Anstruther lifeboat rescue earns praise for team spirit and commitment

Anstruther lifeboat "Kingdom of Fife" rescues the stranded fishermen. (Photograph: RNLI/Tom Danks LPO)
Anstruther lifeboat "Kingdom of Fife" rescues the stranded fishermen. (Photograph: RNLI/Tom Danks LPO)
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Anstruther Lifeboat was called into action last night (Tuesday, October 20) to rescue two anglers who were in trouble off the Isle of May.

A distress call was made just before 5pm when the men’s boat suffered engine failure.

They had spent the day fishing round the island from their 12ft boat but the problems began when the main outboard engine suffered a fuel leak and the auxiliary outboard engine could not cope with the freshening wind conditions.

The all-weather lifeboat “Kingdom of Fife“ was launched and Coxswain Michael Bruce and his crew attended the vessel on the south side of the Isle of May, established a tow, took the two anglers on board the lifeboat and returned them to Anstruther.

The operation brought a tribute to the work of the RNLI from an impressed onlooker who happened to witness the rescue from the moment the siren was sounded and the crew, dropping whatever they were doing, rushed to the lifeboat station.

“What struck me was the huge team spirit that prevailed,” commented Jenny Hoggan later on the station’s Facebook site.

“People on phones, carefully taking down information, people preparing launching tractors, people donning gear to crew the boat.

“Then they were away but still many crew were left to recover the launching gear, log information and monitor the progress of the rescue. Everyone else drifted away to carry on with their lives but the entire crew would not rest until the small boat and it’s crew were safely rescued.

“Simple rescue or prospective tragedy, it matters not, they still turn out. Well done guys.”