Anstruther rallies in group bid to seal deal

Anstruther burgh seal
Anstruther burgh seal

MOVES are afoot to bring a 400-year-old antique back to its historic home.

A fantastically rare Anstruther burgh seal – not seen by the public since the days of Cromwell – comes up for auction in Edinburgh this summer.

Experts reckon it could fetch up to £7000.

“There’s a lot of interest here,” confirmed secretary of Anstruther Community Council Martin Dibley.

“We don’t want it to disappear for another 400 years, so we will see what we can do to bring this rare artefact back to Anstruther.”

The seal, made in 1613, was last referred to in papers dated 1899 and it has been in private collections since.

Its recent discovery has amazed Lyon and Turnbull auctioneers. Silver expert Colin Fraser said: “It’s a wonderful piece of silver; an exceptionally rare thing and it’s important on so many levels.”

Not only will the lot be the earliest example of a hallmarked Scottish silver seal to come to the market, it offers historians a chance finally to see the burgh’s earliest known armorial shield.

Since the Mail broke the story last week, Anstruther’s leaders have begun talks in a bid to raise the cash needed to buy it.

“My aim would be that it is bought by the town for the town and one would like to think the Burgh Collection would play a part in this,” said Mr Dibley.