Anti-social behaviour worries

Andrew Rodger
Andrew Rodger

CONCERN has been raised about the levels of anti-social behaviour taking place in Levenmouth homes.

Speaking at Wednesday’s Levenmouth area committee meeting, Councillor Andrew Rodger said he believed the police were being given “a lot of bother” in particular parts of the area.

Cllr Rodger said: “There are certain houses in certain areas that are getting a bit out of hand.

“There is one area where a lot of police time must be consumed.

“Somebody who is found to be indulging in anti-social behaviour can be jailed for five years - but I’ve yet to see that happen.”

Levenmouth Chief Inspector, Graeme Kinmond told councillors that a high amount of time can be taken dealing with this type of offence in this area.

He added: “What we find is there some residents who will often play police officers off against each other.”