Apathy at the polls - 31% Fife turnout

European elections 2014
European elections 2014

The Fife turnout at the 2014 European election was below the UK average, and one of the poorest north or the border.

The 31.99 per cent poll was well below other parts of Scotland, but it was up on the 28.62% recorded in 2009.

A total of 91,706 Fifers voted out of a total 286,631 eligible to do so.

That meant some 190,000 simply didn’t bother to take part.

The figures will be food for thought for all parties after a campaign which went below the radar in a year when the big focus has been on the independence referendum.

The Fife turnout was lower than in many parts of Scotland.

It just beat Dundee which recorded 31.85 per% and Aberdeen which scraped 31% but the poorest stats came from Shetland (29.6%) and West Dunbartonshire at 29.9%

Elsewhere most areas were in the mid 30% with Edinburgh peaking at 45% in the south of the city.

But how does that compare with elsewhere in the EU?

The UK average was just 36% well below Ireland’s turnout of 51% and embarrassingly far behind Malta where 75% of the population voted.