Apocalypse Kirkcaldy

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apocalyptic views of Dysart with shootings and plague victims, Ravenscraig flats in ruins and a deserted and looted Kirkcaldy retail park are among the chilling scenes to feature in a new documentary-style disaster movie.

‘White Out’ is the latest film from producer/director Lawrie Brewster of Dysart-based New Age Films and features the acting talents of the burgh’s own Jon Finnegan.

The film tells the story of Fife on the brink of disaster as a new Ice Age strikes, and is packed with action and special effects – all played out in familiar locations.

As Scotland’s winter snows fail to lift, the country degenerates into chaos, where recession, inflation and disease coincide to create a major crisis.

John Hanson, played by Jon Finnegan (pictured), is forced to leave his family in London and work as a government volunteer in Fife. As society breaks down, John has to choose his friends carefully and work out how to get home.


Many residents in Dysart are eagerly awaiting the film’s completion as quite a few of them star in the drama as extras.

White Out is the brainchild of Lawrie, who took inspiration from and saw the cinematic opportunity in the snowy winter weather before Christmas. Writer Sarah Daly, who has worked with Mr Brewster on previous productions, soon got on board and the film quickly went into production.

Lawrie has been working on editing and visual effects since shooting of the film was completed in January. It is set to play at various film festivals this summer, and Mr Brewster hopes it will help put Dysart and Fife firmly on the film-making map.


“The plan is to produce a dramatic feature film which can prove that Fife is capable of creating ambitious movies that audiences around the world want to see,” Lawrie said. “We have had great support from the public and local businesses, many of which provided the locations and even have roles in our film.”

Jon Finnegan added: “This movie has been an extremely rewarding experience and has given me the opportunity to work with a gifted group of individuals.

“It is an action packed story that should prove popular with audiences.”

Film fans can keep up to date with the latest news at www.whiteoutthemovie.co.uk.