Appeal after rabbits are left abandoned at side of road

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THE SCOTTISH SPCA is appealing for information about two pet rabbits which appear to have been abandoned in Kirkcaldy.

The animal welfare charity, which looked after 12,600 animals last year, says the two rabbits - nicknamed Fearne and Holly - were in good condition when they were found by a member of the public on Torbain Road last Monday evening (April 7).

The female rabbits are currently being cared for in the charity’s Lanarkshire Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Senior Inspector John Chisholm said: “Both rabbits are in good condition and have been well handled so they’ve obviously been someone’s pet.

“They may have escaped from their hutch although, given the location and that they were found together, it is also possible they have been abandoned.”

He added: “If someone has abandoned them it is a very cruel and irresponsible act as they couldn’t be sure that they would be found.”

The SSPCA points out that abandoning an animal is a criminal offence and anyone found guilty can be banned from keeping an animal for a fixed period, or even for life. They have asked for anyone with information to call their helpline on 03000 999 999.