Appeal after spate of deliberate fires in Glenrothes

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Fife chiefs are appealing to the public to remain vigilant following a spate of deliberate fires in Glenrothes.

In this past week firefighters in Glenrothes have already attended a number of deliberate fires involving bins and rubbish which have predominantly been started in the Carleton Avenue, Roxburgh Road and Melrose Court areas of the town.

Station Manager Steven Michie, from the prevention and protection team in Fife said: “We are appealing in particular to young people to consider the consequences of deliberately setting a fire.

“We would urge parents to ensure that their children know about and understand the potentially tragic consequences deliberate fires can have, as well as the impact for responding emergency services.”

He added: “We shall continue to work with our Police Scotland colleagues to ensure each incident is fully investigated, as much intelligence is gathered and that perpetrators are caught.

“Those who start these fires deliberately are not only wasting time and resources, they must remember it could be someone they know who may be in serious danger elsewhere, but firefighters have been delayed due to their actions.

“Whether the reason for starting fires deliberately is boredom, bravado or wanting to see the fire engine go past with its lights on, it doesn’t matter, their actions could ultimately put lives in danger.”

He also urged local residents and businesses to ensure that rubbish was not left to accumulate outside their properties and that wheelie bins are stored in a safe and secure area until collection.

Anyone with information regarding the incidents is urged to contact Police Scotland on 101 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 55 111.