Appeal to help find Ziggy, the missing Kinghorn cat

Ziggy the missing cat
Ziggy the missing cat

Calling all Kinghorn cat people...

Ziggy the cat has gone missing from his home in the Church Walk area of the town - and owner Ailsa Rolland is anxious to get him back home.

The Arabian Mau breed of cat has had an adventurous life so far, after being born in a plantpot in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

He was spotted and rescued by Ailsa who arranged for him and his three-legged brother Snowball to be brought almost 4000 miles around the world last August.

Since then they have adapted well to their new surroundings. On Sunday Ziggy went missing.

Ailsa (29) explained: “Ziggy is never away for more than a few hours at a time and he always sits and meows on the doorstep to be let in. When he didn’t come back by night I was very worried.

“He hasn’t been seen over the past few days despite me putting up posters all around the town and I am distraught.

“I have had him since he was a kitten in Abu Dhabi where I spent five years teaching. Snowball is also very upset and pining for his friend. .”

Ziggy is a large, muscular but not fat tabby cat, with a white chest and long ears because of his breed. He is microchipped.

Ailsa, a primary school teacher, added: “He is nosey and very friendly and he is very loud and vocal but not in an aggressive manner.

‘‘I am worried that his curiosity could have got him trapped somewhere. He never wanders far from home, so I am asking anyone who may have seen him to check around their homes and gardens. He is a much-loved family pet and we are missing him so much.”

Ailsa first spotted Ziggy just after he was born in a plant pot outside her flat in Abu Dhabi. His mother then moved her litter into a nearby dustbin.

“They were both strays because many people leave the country and just dump their animals on the streets. I cannot understand why anyone would have an animal and then abandon them.’’

“I just want to find Ziggy and bring him back home again.”