Appeals over ‘hit’ on Toby

Mohammed Nadeem Siddique
Mohammed Nadeem Siddique
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THREE men jailed for life over a contract killing took turns to appear before appeal judges on Tuesday.

Property developer, Mo Siddique, claims the 25 year minimum sentence he was given for ordering the cold-blooded assassination of his brother was too harsh.

Bulgarian hit-man Tencho Andonov wants a cut in the 29 years he was ordered to serve for shooting Toby Siddique, 38, and attempting to murder another man.

Meanwhile prosecutors claim that Mo Siddique’s “right hand man” Bulgarian Deyan Nikolov got off too lightly when ordered to serve a minimum 18 years for his part in arranging the hit in a flat in Glenrothes in October 2010.

The three were found guilty last February after a £1.5 million probe which involved the efforts of up to 80 officers and support staff led to one of the longest murder trial in Scotland.

Original trial judge Lord Kinclaven described the murder as “brutal and pre-meditated” after hearing how Andonov pressed his pistol against Toby Siddique’s nose and fired.

He fired again as the landlord slumped to the floor, then turned the weapon on David Dalgleish, who lived in the flat, in an attempt to eliminate the only witness.

A bullet grazed the back of Mr Dalgleish’s head but he survived to give evidence at the trial.

Toby Siddique had been lured to the flat by a promise of cut-price contraband cigarettes and booze.

The ‘hit’ came after a long-running feud between the brothers over control of their tangled business interests, especially their lucrative property company which let out hundreds of shabby homes in Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy.

The appeal judges will give their decisions, in writing, at a later date.