Apricots in Buckhaven? It happened!

Scotland might be famous for its whisky, or haggis, or a certain teacake variety, but one thing is for sure - a Scottish apricot isn’t usually what you would find on the menu.

But thanks to the warm weather this summer, a Buckhaven resident has managed what experts previously thought was near impossible this far north - he’s grown apricots in his back garden.

Rab Thomson, who stays on Den Walk in Buckhaven, planted his apricot tree just a year and a half ago in January 2013.

Without any special measures, Rab - who is vice chairman of the CLEAR environment group - is now enjoying a heavy crop of delicious fruit barely 18 months later.

Rab is an avid grower and apricots aren’t the only things growing in his council flat garden - he grows 30 abundant fruit trees including apples, plums, pears and even grapes.

Rab, a former miner and well known around the town for his fruit knowledge, is also a regular contributor to the CLEAR orchards around Buckhaven.