Are you the new Cilla?

Cilla Fisher is retiring from the Singing Kettle
Cilla Fisher is retiring from the Singing Kettle
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The search is on for a new ‘Kettle Queen’, after Singing Kettle stars Cilla and Artie announced their retirement.

Auditions have been organised for next month and Cilla says this is an opportunity not to 
be missed.

“We are looking for the right person to continue the success. It’s a once in a life time job opportunity and I have loved every moment of the past 30 years,” she said.

“Now is the time for us to step down and bring in a new female member to join Gary 
and Kevin.”

Fellow group members and husband Artie added: “It may sound a little like ‘Who can fill Cilla’s shoes?’ but we are really open minded as to what the new member should bring to 
the show.

“Cilla and I are really excited about the process and the opportunity it gives us to shape the show for the future.”

Potential stars will have to make it through an initial application process, before getting the opportunity to perform in front of the entertainment experts.

So, what qualities does the perfect applicant need, apart from the ability to control 200 children and look good in red, obviously. Cilla advises: “If I can give any tips to the applicants it would be to bring their biggest smile with them along with bundles of personality.”

Auditions will take place on Sunday, November 4. Full details are available at