Area sees reduction in crime statistics

police chiefs in Glenrothes are celebrating some remarkable statistics for the year, which show an increase in detection rates.

Overall, the area police had an increase of 15% in crime detection - meaning 65% of all crime reported was tackled.

And the local community members can pat themselves ont he back to for playing their part in tackling crime.

Temporary Chief Inspector David Moffat said this week: “It’s absolutely outstanding, it’s been a good year.

“When we go out and investigate, we get positive information from people. The public in Glenrothes get involved and we listen to them and we get great information.

“The figures are reflected in the hard work the officers are doing, but you need the public support,” he said.

Crime types playing on the minds of members of the public in Glenrothes, said Chief Insp Moffat, have been vandalism, malicious maschief crimes and those of an anti-social nature.

Hd said: “We’ve seen 343 less crimes in that area which is a 35% reduction. We’re reducing crime most significantly I think, that’s because of detached youthw orkers - it’s down to them. There are so many groups in Glenrothes doing great work. But it’s not done in isolation, it’s through partnerships.”

Town MSP Tricia Marwick has praised Glenrothes Police after new statistics showed crime has fallen in the local area.

Mrs Marwick said: “This reduction of crime is to be welcomed and all the local police officers deserve credit for their continued efforts to make Glenrothes and the surrounding areas a safe place to live and work in.

“According to the report, it appears that there has been a substantial fall in the number of antisocial behaviour offences, which shows the hard work of Glenrothes Police is paying off. It is also pleasing to learn that the overall detection rate for crimes and offences in Glenrothes has increased compared to the corresponding period last year.