Artist on board to lead project

Consultation events will take place in the Beehive in Buckhaven
Consultation events will take place in the Beehive in Buckhaven

The Buckhaven Beehive is looking forward to the next stage of its public art project after appointing an artist to lead the venture.

The local arts group, which is working in conjunction with CLEAR, has chosen artist Jason Nelson, originally from Kelty, to lead the public consultation/workshop stage of the project.

It is hoped that, by the end of this crucial stage, Jason and the Levenmouth public will have reached an agreement about what they think should be created on the Starkies Woods land.

Blair Denwette of the Beehive explained: “This kind of thing is very much what Jason likes to do, which is what attracted us to him. He likes to work with communities on what they want.”

Between now and May, Jason will work with a local groups and individuals to create a vision of what they hope the piece of art could be, starting from a complete blank.

And although the final piece is very much dependant on whether Creative Scotland provides additional funding after the consultation stage, Linda Judge, also from the Beehive, believes now is a good time for locals to find some commonality.

“With the new Levenmouth High School now being built, this is the right time to get people to see things from a wider perspective.”

Blair added: “By the end of this stage, we want to get to a point where people can see that something has actually happened – we don’t want anyone to come along and say ‘What’s that?’ We want everyone in Levenmouth to know what’s going on.”

Jason works as a visual artist based in Dundee, with over 15 years experience as a practicing artist and educator. He explained: “My work is informed by social, political and cultural issues and how they affect us and what implications they have on our sense of self and community. For the last nine years, I have developed an approach that is underpinned by public engagement and working with and within communities. I am very interested in notions of identity, ownership and community and how we perceive ourselves and where we live.”