Artistic touch brings new life to Sailor’s Walk

Pop artist Dom Currie is one of two painters to take up residence at the new Sailor's Walk Gallery in Kirkcaldy. Pic: FPA
Pop artist Dom Currie is one of two painters to take up residence at the new Sailor's Walk Gallery in Kirkcaldy. Pic: FPA

One of the oldest buildings in Kirkcaldy, the Sailor’s Walk on the harbour front, has been transformed into an exclusive art gallery.

At the helm are residential artists Dominic Currie and John Baker who teamed up with business partner and art collector Duncan McPhee to launch the new venture - which officially opens on Saturday.

Kirkcaldy folk, and Fifers in general, like their art

Dominic Currie

The establishment of the gallery is a timely reminder for Dom of just how far his career as a full-time artist has come in such a short time.

He said: “It wasn’t so long ago I was paid off from Remploy and it was this time last year when I got my first exhibition at the Adam Smith Cafe.”

Dominic, who creates distinctively Scottish pop-art paintings, went on to exhibit in Glasgow’s West End and found his work featured a variety of national publications, including The Times, in the run-up to the Independence Referendum last year.

“And, now here I am. It’s just taken off big style,” he said.

“This is a whole new ball game. It’s brilliant.”

The Sailor’s Walk building, said to have been built in the fifteenth century and currently owned by the National Trust for Scotland, has been transformed into a spacious and colourful gallery space.

The building, which also boasts one of the oldest fireplaces in Scotland, has a back-shop which is being used as a studio by Dominic and John Baker, a London-born artist who lives in Elie.

The three partners have over 60 years of art experience between them and hope that collective knowledge pays off.

Dominic said: “Kirkcaldy folk and Fifers in general like their art. They spend as much as Glasgow and Edinburgh per head of population on art and art-related products so it make good sense to have a private gallery in Kirkcaldy that combines unique art for sale with a unique step-back-in-time experience as we have here in the Sailor’s Walk.”

The gallery is offering a discount of 25 per cent off sales as a welcome gesture to new customers.

The history of Sailor’s Walk

Sailor’s Walk was built in 1459 and, with its Dutch-style windowed gable and pantiles, is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Kirkcaldy along with the Merchant’s House at the end of High Street.

It was originally used as a customs house and town house and now looks pristine as a fine whitewashed piece of Scottish vernacular architecture - a complete contrast to its semi-derelict state prior to its restoration by the National Trust in 1952.