Assurances given on police response times

Councillor Tim Brett
Councillor Tim Brett

POLICE responding to emergency calls in the Tay Bridgehead area are beating their target times by an average of three minutes, according to figures obtained by a local councillor.

Tim Brett had asked for the statistics following concerns raised at a community engagement meeting about an apparent delay in responding to an individual.

He was told by Chief Inspector Jill Harper that although Fife Police don’t operate official target response times, all attendance times are scrutinised on a daily basis and in the case of emergency calls the aim is to deal with them in less than 10 minutes.

There had been 27 emergency calls in the past 12 months and the average response time had been seven minutes and 30 seconds.

In terms of grade two responses - calls which were not quite so urgent - the average response time was 15 minutes and 53 seconds, well within the target time of 20 minutes.

There had been 632 grade two calls within the Tay Bridgehead ward within the past year, revealed Chief Inspector Harper.

Councillor Brett said: “I hope that these figures will reassure the community that there is a rapid response to urgent and important calls.

“The police also have a third category standard response where officers will attend within 24 hours and such calls can also be made on an appointment basis.

“I would encourage anyone interested in policing matters to attend their local police community engagement meetings which are held on a bi-monthly basis in the ward – in Newport in the Blyth Hall, in Tayport at the Dolphin Centre, and in the Community Centre in Leuchars.”