Atlantic crossing!

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INTREPID north east Fife adventurer Mark Beaumont has embarked on his latest challenge — to slash the mid-Atlantic rowing record by completing the task in less than 30 days!

Mark, who recently returned to Scotland after ‘Rowing the Arctic’ as a crew member and cameraman for the BBC documentary, set off at the start of January on the 3000 mile ‘Atlantic Odyssey’ journey known as ‘the four-minute mile of ocean rowing’.

The Sara G, the 11-metre, six man boat that Mark (28) has joined is exceptionally fast and already holds both the Tasmin and Mid Atlantic World Records.

Skippered by Atlantic crossing record-breaker Matt Craughwell, the crew set off from Tarfaya in Morocco on January 2 and have been rowing in repeated shifts of two hours on, two hours off, never getting any more than an hour’s sleep at any one time.

Already the team has made good headway, rowing up to 97 miles in just 24 hours on several occasions.

They are hopeful of reaching their finishing point in Barbados in a matter of weeks.

Mark, who grew up near Newburgh and broke the world record for cycling around the world in 2008, has been in daily touch with friends, family and supporters via social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, as well as by email.

He has also been invovled in daily phonecasts to a radio station charting their progress and written a blog for a national newspaper.