Auchmuty referendum outcome is revealed

RESULTS: Auchmuty and Dovecot residents have cast their vote on the referendum issue
RESULTS: Auchmuty and Dovecot residents have cast their vote on the referendum issue

IT HAS been described as the biggest choice facing the people of Scotland in over 300 years, and the outcome of the people of Auchmuty and Dovecot Tenants Association referendum survey can now be revealed, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

In a mini-referendum vote that produced a home turn out of 75 per cent, one that council and general elections would dream of, it delivered a decisive two-to-one majority ‘against’ independence.

A whopping 361 voting papers were received in the ‘mini-referendum’, believed to be the first of its kind in Scotland and the people have spoken with the results being delivered as: NO - 237, YES - 118 and 6 spoiled ballot slips.

Of course, the millions of Scottish people won’t get the chance to put their cross against their preferred option until Autumn, 2014.

And while First Minister, Alex Salmond may not be unduly concerned about this local outcome just yet, the people of the Glenrothes suburb have certainly given local politicians from across the political spectrum some food for thought.

Tenants Association chairman, David Nelson said there had been a huge interest shown by local residents and after the count that took place at the Gazette offices he said: “It certainly caught a lot of people’s interest in the community and so much so that we had to order extra ballot papers due to the big demand.

“It was not a stunt, but a genuine attempt to engage the local community in an issue that will affect us all, I’m delighted that so many took part.

“It’s clearly an issue that people are talking about in the clubs and pubs around the town.

The association, which is a particularly active one, with its own community flat where a range of services and help is offered to local people is to continue its ‘direct democracy’ approach due to the success of the referendum.

Mr Nelson explained: “We will be doing another one before the May elections and we’ll be asking the councillors for their views affecting local people in the area.

“The people are entitled to ask the questions and it’s not being done on a party political basis.”

So, the people have spoken on the burning issue that could change the nation for ever, and for the time being at least, the choice of the 300 year-old Union is favoured.