Auchmuty to start a ‘Quiet Revolution’

An artist's impression of the turbine
An artist's impression of the turbine

THE planning application for the inclusion of a wind turbine at the site of the new Auchmuty High School was approved by Glenrothes Area Committee.

The ‘Quiet Revolution’ vertical axis turbine, which will stand at a height of 26 metres, is to be positioned between the new main school building and the proposed tennis courts, directly south of the A911 Queensway.

Unlike conventional turbines, which commonly have extended propeller-like blades, the one to be installed will have a cylindrical rotor design that measures eight metres in height.

After considering the application, councillors agreed there would be no loss of visual or amenity by residents, the closest of whom live 185 metres away in Dovecot Road.

Much of the turbine is expected to be screened by the new school development and a colour scheme to help further blend it into the immediate surroundings will also be applied.

Deputy chairman of the area committee, Councillor Ian Sloan, praised the common sense approach of the committee members.

He added: “With its new innovative design and its eco-friendly credentials it will be a of clear benefit not only to the school but the the environment in general.”

Alan Pithie, head teacher at Auchmuty High School, told the ‘Gazette’: ‘I’m delighted that the wind turbine application has been passed.

“The turbine forms part of the energy strategy of the new school.

“This should see up to 80 per cent of the school’s energy needs being met by bio-mass and other renewable energy sources, representing a huge saving in costs for the new school compared to the old school.

“The money saved on heating and lighting can clearly be redirected and invested in educational resources and equipment.”

The turbine is expected to have been installed in time for the opening of the new school, which is scheduled to take place in July ahead of the new term.