Auction date for meteorite hunter

Robert Elliot with one of his meteorite collection. (Pic courtesy of Lyon and Turnbull)
Robert Elliot with one of his meteorite collection. (Pic courtesy of Lyon and Turnbull)

Milton of Balgonie meteorite hunter, Robert Elliot, will see a selection of his space memorabilia sold at an auction in Edinburgh next month.

The sale, which takes place at Lyon and Turnbull on August 20 includes the meteorite called Zag valued at £2500.

It contains blue halite salt crystals that have since been found in some pieces, containing extraterrestrial liquid water.

Zag - which fell to earth on March 4/5, 1998 in Morrocco - is only the second known meteorite ever to feature this.

The Holbrook (Navajo County, Holbrook, Arizona, USA) fell on July 19, 1912 and is valued at £8000.

Mr Elliot said: “Most Holbrook meteorites are the size of a pea or even smaller.

“The 2.2kg Holbrook individual offered here is a rare opportunity to acquire one of the largest specimens recovered from this historic fall, and one which has been carefully curated during its time on Earth.

“This fusion crusted individual comes from the famed Oscar Monnig Meteorite Collection and is numbered M2.11.”

Mr Elliot is the owner of the UK’s largest private collection of space memorabilia.

The Robert Elliot Meteorite Collection consists of over 90 items, including a part of the Hambleton meteorite.

Weighing in at a massive 18.7kg, it was the largest meteorite ever to be found in the UK.

Discovered by Mr Elliot, the remaining 5.8kgs will be offered with an estimate of £15,000.

The collection also includes Limerick (County Limerick, Ireland) H5 (stone) which fell to earth on September 10, 1813 and is valued at £4000.

Also up for sale is part of Gao-Guenie, which fell in Burkina Faso in Western Africa on March 5, 1960. The inhabitants of Gao witnessed the meteorite fall first hand, as several pieces fell through the roof of their huts.