Audit report debate live on the web ...

Fife College
Fife College

The management shortcomings at Adam Smith College are to to be probed by MSPs - and debated live on the web.

A report into the the chaos which engulfed the college throughout 2012 will be presented to the Scottish Parliament’s Public Affairs Committee in the next few weeks.

And the live coverage on the Parliament’s TV channel could make for uncomfortable viewing for a number of senior executives.

The Audit Scotland report contained scathing criticisms of the way the college was run in 2011-2012.

It identified “significant failures in the college’s corporate governance and financial stewardship” and “a number of shortcomings” in its management, “including the potential misuse of 

The college - now re-named Fife College after the region-wide merger - had to pay back £5.5m of European funding with 
a further £1.2m set aside for other grants which 
may also have to be returned.

Those financial issues now sit at the heart of a detailed, on-going police investigation.

Sources have told the Press that around 100 people have been interviewed to date, with investigating officers speaking to some as recently as the end of last term.

Staff who have left have also been interviewed as officers continue their inquiries ahead of submitting a report to the Procurator Fiscal.

Now MSPs are set to study the Audit Scotland report, and it is within their remit to summon any college staff - past or present - to answer any questions.

“There are still questions to be answered,” said David Torrance, MSP for Kirkcaldy.

“Because this involves public money there has to be accountability.”

Mr Torrance also said he was confident the college was back on track with a new board of 
governors driving it ahead.

A college spokesman said the report was a “summation of well-publicised and known events.”