‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to college night class?

German students Maureen Cairns and Una Hill
German students Maureen Cairns and Una Hill

STUDENTS have criticised a college after the lights were turned out on a language night class, reports MIKE DELANEY.

They have accused the further educational establishment of failing to serve the community by not properly promoting the beginners German course.

The students had been attending the class at Adam Smith College since the turn of the year, but were told recently that it would be axed unless more people started going.

They tried to drum up interest among friends to try and increase numbers, but it looks like their efforts have been unsuccessful.

Oneof the disgruntled students, Una Hill said: “Naturally, we are very disappointed with this, but we are also frustrated as the college has made no effort, until recently, to attract students to attend.

“Until about two weeks ago, anyone ‘phoning or looking at the website would be informed there was no class until September - this is despite the class having run for several terms previously.

“”We are at a loss to understand why a college which claims to serve the educational needs of the community were apparently unwilling to attract students.”

She added that she had “very much enjoyed” attending the class, but unless nine students could be found quickly, it looked like it was going to be a case of ‘auf wieidersehen’.

But a spokeswoman for the college defended its running of the course.

Department manager, Sandra Johnston, said: “Adam Smith College runs a wide range of language courses which are publicised on our website throughout the year.

“Most courses prove very popular, but can only run if there are sufficient numbers interested.

“The German class ran from September to December and then again from January until March.

“Unfortunately not enough people have signed up to the next course and so this has been withdrawn.

“New classes are to begin again after the summer and information about these is on our website.”