Awards for Capshard duo

Two pupils at Capshard Primary school are the first to receive a very special award honouring a past pupil.

Niamh Lister and Max Seath, who have just finished primary seven at the school, were chosen by class teachers Miss MacAlpine and Mr Cobb for the honour, a newly created award in memory of Gregor Smith.

The teachers felt that Max and Niamh had truly excelled themselves this past year, giving their very best effort at all times, both with their work and behaviour.

Over the past few years, pupils in this position have received a gift of some sort, but this year the staff at Capshard decided to present something more lasting and they wanted to honour the memory of Gregor.

Gregor, who was in second year at Kirkcaldy High School, was only 13 when he suddenly died of meningitis in February last year.

Angela Welsh, headteacher at the town school, said: “Gregor was one of the hard working, well behaved pupils at Capshard.

“He loved his swimming and football and was very much a team player.

“When I asked Mrs Paoli, who was his P7 teacher, what Gregor was like, she said he was ‘good fun and had a great sense of humour’.”

The Gregor Smith Memorial Awards were presented to Naimh and Max by Jenny Smith, Gregor’s mum at the recent primary seven leavers assembly, in front of the pupils’ family members.

The awards will be engraved with the names of the top two primary seven pupils each year from now on.