Axe set to fall on community council

Leven from above
Leven from above

LEVEN Community Council is set to fold later this month.

Declining attendance and too few people willing to take on office bearers’ roles have signalled the end of the group.

A motion to wind up was passed last week at the annual general meeting, following the resignations of secretary Jack Carrie, treasurer Peter Brown, and one other member.

Leven has had a community council for around 35 years, following the mid-1970s reformation of local government, but general apathy is being blamed for its demise.

Mr Carrie also said changes or cuts nationally in funding was affecting community councils and similar organisations around Scotland, resulting in “the top collapsing in on what’s underneath”.

Leven CC had regularly tried to recruit new members, through posters and notices in its monthly minutes, but not enough people were prepared to do the official duties.

There would have to be a fresh surge of public support, with new people willing to take on its stewardship, for Leven CC to survive, said Mr Carrie.

However, it seems likely the final meeting will take place on June 28 in Leven’s Caledonian Hotel.

Mr Carrie admitted CC duty could be time-consuming, especially if people were working, but the situation was still disappointing.

“I think it’s just apathy – people are just not really interested,” he told the Mail.

“We have been trying to make things right and suggest improvements ourselves – sometimes it’s a struggle but you get there eventually.

“People don’t seem to realise what’s behind it. It’s just accepted that, if something needs done, somebody else will do it.

“Plenty of people complain but they’re not willing to put themselves forward to help.”

Mr Carrie said instigating the Regent Community Cinema and providing a forum for Parkhill Primary School during its refurbishment had been among Leven CC’s most notable recent achievements.