Baby penguin dies at Fife aquarium

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Heartbreak has hit St Andrews Aquarium after Ace, the first baby Humboldt penguin to be born at the visitor attraction a couple of weeks ago, has sadly passed away this week.

The team at the aquarium had been providing round the clock care to ensure the little chick had the best possible chance of survival, but, sadly, nature took its course and Ace died on Tuesday morning.

Ace was born into the Murray penguin family at the aquarium where its mother, Andi, is named in honour of Andy Murray when he became Wimbledon Champion in 2013. It was hoped that he could be a lucky charm for Andy at this year’s Wimbledon championships as well as a new member of the Aquarium’s popular and much loved Humboldt penguin family.

John Mace, manager at St Andrews Aquarium, said: “We are devastated that we have lost Ace, but we were prepared for all potential outcomes as the chick’s arrival was unexpected and the odds were stacked against him. The early weeks are crucial and, sadly, nature took charge on this occasion.”