Back on the road again

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IT was just last year that London based band Silverbox played their very first Scottish gig on Fife soil.

The band were making waves in the big smoke and sold out that gig at the Greenside Hotel in Leslie.

Now, more than 12 months later the five-piece, whose lead singer John Wyse hails from the Lang Toun, are coming back as part of their tour promoting their brand new EP.

And this time they play Kirkcaldy’s Windsor Hotel tomorrow night (Friday).

John, a former pupil at KHS, recalled that very first Fife gig: “In a word it was awesome.

“Thinking back it was a reunion of sorts, not so much a high school or family reunion but a geographic kind of reunion.

“I knew predominantly 60 to 70 per cent of the crowd on a one to one relationship level.

“It was quite nice. It was like doing a gig for your family.

“The Scottish crowds are generally more receptive.

“In Scotland they just go for it straight off the bat, it’s great.

“There’s five of us in the band and because my hometown is Kirkcaldy, when we are doing lots of gigs around the country I insist we come back to Fife.”

Since their Scottish debut last September, Silverbox - made up of Julian Martin-Samos, Ryan Hunt, Steve Hepburn and Kerry Thompson - have played again in the Kingdom, appearing at the Big Stooshie Festival in Giffordtown earlier this year.

But tomorrow’s gig is the one the 33-year-old is excited about.

He said: “I’m massively looking forward to it.

“Last year we played the Greenside in Leslie which at the time was like coming home, but this time we’re actually playing a venue in Kirkcaldy, which is my hometown.

“We wanted to find a venue as close to Kirkcaldy as we could.

“When I was in Kirkcaldy it was Kitty’s and Jackie O’s that were the clubs.

“I thought the Windsor was a hotel, so it was news to me that they are now hosting music gigs.

“But it’s good to be coming back and playing there.”

Silverbox’s current tour follows the release of their seven track EP, ‘Gunmetal’, which also features a track of the same name.

The Windsor date is one of the last gigs on the tour, with just one other to take place, in the 100 Club in London on November 17.

“We’ve not strayed too far away from the first EP in terms of writing style,” explains John.

“But in terms of sound I would say it’s a lot slicker.”

And in the recording of their latest tracks, the band worked with Steve Rispin at his famous Liscombe Park Studios.

“It was incredible to be recording in the studios where so many legends have recorded before us,” John said.

“And it’s also great to have the opportunity to work with Steve Rispin.

“One day I was walking up the corridor in the studios and you hear different things coming from the rooms.

“I heard ‘Here I Go Again’ coming from one room and I just thought someone was lightly playing a cover.

“But I looked through the glass and it was Whitesnake actually playing it and rehearsing.

“Another day we heard Def Leopard playing.

“It was quite surreal as they came in and listened to what we were mixing and stuff.”

The recording of the EP was just one of a number of John and the band’s highlights for this year.

“We’ve had a really hot 2012,” he continued.

“It’s been a bit of a mental year.

“We played the O2 this year, that was at the beginning of the year and was just epic.

“I remember when we were doing that one I had a bit of laryngitis and I was a bit nervous the voice wouldn’t hold up.

“Thankfully it did and we had a great night.

“It’s been quite mega in terms of the venues we have managed to do.

“A lot of the venues we have played this year we have played before, but to be asked back is cool and we must be doing something right.”

And what’s next for the band?

John said: “We’ve not had a holiday for two years, so after this tour I’m looking forward to having a little break, although I’ll take the laptop and hopefully do a bit of writing.

“When we did the first one we were way more excited. When doing the first album or EP you think ‘Oh my God, we’ve arrived’. The glitz and glamour is spent on the road.

We’ve got to get out to every nook and cranny of the UK or wherever you come from. On the second time you have a view of youth but you know it’s not reached the apex yet which means you have to go work and tour again.”

Silverbox are at the Windsor Hotel, Kirkcaldy tomorrow (Friday).