Backing for ‘stop & search’ as Levenmouth knife crime figures revealed

A Fife Stop & Search exercise
A Fife Stop & Search exercise

Police in Levenmouth were called to over 15 serious assaults and incidents involving knives in the four months to Christmas – including one involving a 12-year-old child.

The shocking incident took place in October, but was only revealed when Community Inspector Tom Brown addressed councillors at the Levenmouth Area Committee last week.

It was reported on October 15 that a 12-year-old boy was detected for having a knife in his possession and threatening to stab a five-year-old at Hollybank in Methil.

The report also revealed that stabbings occurred on Waggon Road, Leven back in September, and on North Street, Leven in November.

Individuals have also been detected carrying knives in Buckhaven and Methil over the past two months.

Insp. Brown noted the success of stop and search in catching them, and received praise from councillors, including Tom Adams, chairman, who commented: “I absolutely welcome stop and search. I counted six incidents involving knives in the report, including the one involving the 12-year-old, so I think this is a very important thing.”

Cllr David Alexander also noted: “I don’t have a problem with it, and the young people that I speak to don’t either.”

Insp. Brown added: “Most of the young people we engage with don’t have a problem either, and actually expect it. Considering the event with the 12-year-old – what was his intention with that knife? It was a 50/50 chance of what he would have decided to do. That could have led to an assault or even murder, but our officers took that decision away.”

In good news for local police, the festive campaign carried out across the area was a success and saw a reduction in crime in contrast with 2014.

In anticipation of increased visits to both shopping areas and licensed premises, police enforced an action plan involving increased patrols within the area, increased visits to licensed premises and an increase in nightime resources.

Insp. Brown said thanks to the plan, there had been a reduction in anti-social behaviour and a 50 per cent reduction in shoplifting.