Bags of help for Auchmuty

Members of Auchmuty Tennants and Residents Association (Pic: George McLuskie)
Members of Auchmuty Tennants and Residents Association (Pic: George McLuskie)
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Individuals and families struggling to make ends meet in Auchmuty have been given a helping hand from their tenants association.

Around 75 food parcels have been distributed to residents this week in a bid to ease the situation that more and more people are finding themselves in. The move follows charity and tenants groups across Glenrothes reporting as much as a 60 per cent increase this year in people who don’t have enough food to feed themselves.

“It’s a tragic situation, but sadly, also a fact of life these days,” said David Nelson, secretary of the Auchmuty tenants group. “Benefit cuts and welfare reforms are starting to take full effect on those worse off and the situation is getting steadily worse every week,” he added.

Mr Nelson and his colleagues have distributed food parcels to those in need locally for several years but recently approached food retailer Asda to see if it could help.

Avril Dullea, from the Glenrothes Asda store, told the Gazette it was only too happy to try and lend a hand.

“After speaking to Davie and the staff and hearing of the situation it was important for us to get involved in some way.
“We set up a food appeal with customers and added items that could be of use,” she added.

Volunteers delivered the parcel, that had around a week’s worth of food items to addresses within the area and in doing so helped to deliver a little comfort for the recipients.

And because of the success of the food drop, the tenants group is now aiming to set up the collaboration with the food retailer for as long as is necessary.
“In an ideal world we wouldn’t have to go to the drastic measures, but we have many people who are suffering so we have try and tackle the issue as best we can,” said Laura Nicol, a volunteer,

“Many people have sense of pride and find it difficult to tell people they are struggling, but it’s important for them to know that there is help out there for them if they contact us.

“Under no circumstances will they be judged. If they are finding it difficult then we will want to help in whatever way we can,” she added.