Bakery launches cake that looks like poo

The new emoji cake.The new emoji cake.
The new emoji cake.
AN award-winning bakery is giving itself a giant pat on the back for a '˜job' well done after its new, turd-shape cake had customers queuing up to sample the chocolate '˜treat'.

MD of Stuarts of Buckhaven, Keith Stuart, 36, said the latest emoji-inspired creation came about at a board meeting.

He said: “We always look for current ideas to make a splash with the customers and our financial director suggested an emoji theme after his daughter got a smiley cushion for her Christmas.

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“Whilst we will probably do biscuits in that design, we had to think about the most outrageous one and of course it is the turd.

“We couldn’t call it a ‘turd cake’ so it’s been named ‘Joe-B’.

He added: “If you like chocolate, you will like this. It’s chocolate-lovers’ delight.”

The Joe-B is a chocolate muffin with an artistic swirl on top and costs £1.15.

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The company is 160 years old and has a string of awards to its name, including the latest diamond award for steak pies and the World Championships in 2016.

Mr Stuart added: “We had customers asking at 8am on Friday, when we launched Joe-B when they would be in store. They will be on sale for as long as the customers want them.”