Ballot boost as Council backs BID company

West end of Kirkcaldy High Street
West end of Kirkcaldy High Street

As BID company Kirkcaldy4All approaches its 2015 ballot for a new five year term, it has received the full support of councillors.

At a meeting of Fife Council’s Kirkcaldy area committee this week, councillors unanmously gave their support to the business improvement company, set up in March 2010 to promote and develop Kirkcaldy town centre - and gave its backing for another five year term.

Members also agreed that the Council continue to offer its financial support to the company for the first three years, subject to the money being available following the its budget review process.

It also pledged to continue this support at the same level for a further two years subject to evaluation during the company’s third year of operation.

At the meeting on Wednesday, committee members heard some of the accomplishments of the BID group during its first term.

These included ‘Shop Local’ campaigns, the launch of Kirkcaldy Carnival in 2013 and the Adam Smith Food Festival.

Kirkcaldy was one of the first BIDs created in Fife, and is required to undertake a renewal ballot process to continue.

Councillors heard that a new business plan had been developed in consultation with members who all pay a levy.

The report concluded: “Should the BID renewal ballot be successful, it would signal clear intent from the business community to be fully involved in driving the future of Kirkcaldy town centre.”

Councillor Kenny Selbie said: “I know the town centre is a facility for the whole area, however we would want to benefit more outlying areas such as Dysart, Templehall, Kinghorn and Burntisland, and I am delighted to see that we are starting to see a level of co-operation beyond the town centre.”

Councillor Neil Crooks, committee chairman, added: “We benefit from having good people in the company, with the good of the area at their heart.

“There’s no question that we get massive value for 
money from the amount invested.”

The views of the committee will be shared with the Council’s Executive Committee at its meeting on December 9.