‘Bank Corner is blot on the landscape’

Old Stuarts bakery in Chruch St, Buckhaven
Old Stuarts bakery in Chruch St, Buckhaven

A BUCKHAVEN woman has labelled the former Stuart’s the Bakers site and old RBS bank building on Church Street as “a blot on the landscape”.

Mary Cook, who has lived next door to both buildings for more than 20 years says she is now “fed up of living next to a tip”.

She said: “I like living here, and people have made such an effort to make Buckhaven a nice place to live, so I just don’t know what to do about it.”

The Royal Bank of Scotland on the so-called ‘Bank Corner’ closed down in 2011, and Stuart’s moved out of the premises around seven years ago.

Problems began soon 
after, so much so that the roof had to be taken off to prevent any further damage from 

Mary says things calmed down for a few years after that, but in the last few weeks she has heard people coming and going again– many times children – and says she worried they might hurt themselves.

“Just last night, I heard banging and called the police but they didn’t come. When I called in to the station they said it just wasn’t very important.”

Mary has also seen rats around the site and on the street, and a number of pigeons roost in the building.

Rodger Summers, of Aberhill Joiners, now owns the building. He said: “I put a gate up at the request of the Council, but there is a lot of tipping going on now.

“At the beginning, I think it was a novelty for kids going in there, but it’s just problems with rubbish now.”

Mr Summers confirmed he has no plans to develop the site right now.

Mary has considered selling up, but says there is probably no point.

“I had the house valued a while ago, but it won’t be worth that now. Anyone who comes to view it will just wonder what is going on next door. I don’t know what to do.”