BBC programme coasts into East Neuk village

Work on the St Monans structure.
Work on the St Monans structure.

ST MONANS may have been the location for some high profile filming recently with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman bringing the village to a halt but another camera-crew seems to have slipped in and out, almost unnoticed.

The BBC’s ‘Coast’ programme visited the East Neuk village to film a segment for the popular show, now in its seventh series, towards the end of last month.

During filming, presenter Nicholas Crane visited the church, also used as a location by the film-crew, as well as St Monans windmill.

It’s a significant landmark, in that it is a stark reminder of the salt mining industry from the 1700s. The windmill itself was restored in the 1980s.

It’s understood the segment will focus on the salt pans there and will include an investigation as to why fresh water and salt water don’t mix, with a piece also filmed down at the burn.

Filming didn’t cause quite the same hysteria as that of ‘The Railway Man’ but one local woman, unexpectedly involved in the movie, played a significant role once again.

Janet Williamson, of the village’s Spar shop, made up 17 buttonholes for a wedding scene, in record time, for the Hollywood film-crew, but said helping ‘Coast’ proved a little less stressful.

She told the Mail: “We hold the key for the windmill and they (producers) came in a few weeks beforehand and set it up that they would film getting the keys from the shop.

“On the day the presenter was coming in and going out and we were having a bit of a laugh with each other and he had a wee chat about the shop.

“You have to leave a £5 deposit for the key and nobody had it on them so I had lend them £5 to film them handing it over to us.

“They were filming in St Monans the whole day until past 6pm.”

A spokesman for the BBC told the Mail readers will have to wait before the village appears on screen,

He said: “The Coast team did recently visit St Monans, but it was for the 2013 series, rather than the upcoming 2012 series.

“With the transmission so far off it’s impossible to say what will eventually make it to air.”