BBC to record in St Andrews

Catherine Stihler
Catherine Stihler
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BBB Radio Scotland is bringing Brian Taylor’s Big Debate to St Andrews on February 22.

The programme visits a different part of Scotland every week with BBC Scotland’s political editor chairing a panel of speakers from the worlds of politics, arts, science, business and other areas of public life and only the audience can ask them questions.

Already lined up for the panel are the principal and vice-chancellor of St Andrews University, Professor Louise Richardson, who will be joined by David Clegg, political editor for the Scottish Daily Record, and Labour MEP Catherine Stihler (pictured), a graduate of St Andrews University, who is a former president of its Students’ Association.

A BBC spokesman said: ”We look for questions on the most stimulating moral, political and social issues of the day, so the programme gives the public the opportunity to challenge politicians, policy makers, writers and thinkers.

”Questions should be brief and to the point, if possible, and can be on any topic they like.

“As the programme broadcasts to a Scotland-wide audience, we look for issues that raise matters of genuine national interest.”

Anyone interested in taking part should email their question to the BBC at by 4pm on February 21. The programme will be broadcast from the university’s Lower College Hall. Doors open at 11am and the show is on air from noon until 1pm.