Be a good neighbour, Co-op told - and sort out your food stocks

The Co-op Claymore Centre in Finglassie, Glenrothes
The Co-op Claymore Centre in Finglassie, Glenrothes

The actions of a local convenience store in a Glenrothes suburb are making life a “living hell”, a mother has told the Gazette.

Mum of two Susan Anderson claims piles of fresh food stock being left outside for days at a time, inadequate waste storage, and being blocked in her flat are just some of the problems being caused by the Co-op store and that she and her family have had to put up with in recent months.

And the situation is getting worse she says.

“It’s been a nightmare and managers at the supermarket don’t seem to care, despite my constant complaints,” explained Susan.

“We’ve been blocked in by multiple cages of food and waste bins.

“Not only is it a health and safety issue as we have had to climb over the delivery cages on several occasions, it also represents a food hygiene and environmental concern.”

Susan, her children and partner have lived in their first floor flat in Kinclaven Gardens, at the rear of shops occupying the Claymore Centre in Finglassie for four and a half years.

But she says the problems escalated when the store was refurbished in May, leaving the shop with little or no inside storage area for deliveries.

“The problem is 10 times worse now, especially for rubbish. The potential risks for all residents should there be a fire are frightening.

“There have been numerous times when I’ve not been able to get out of the communal area which is now being taken over by the Co-op.

“Dogs have been seen to urinate on boxes of stock and if the issue is left to carry on unchecked it will only attract vermin into the area because of the selfish behaviour of the company,” added Susan.

Miss Anderson first took her concerns to the store managers, but she said nobody there wanted to take her seriously.

She said she got a similar lack of response after writing to Co-op’s regional office detailing her complaints.

Frustrated by the company’s lack of interest, she has now notified the Health and Safety Executive, the fire service, police and Fife Council in a bid to resolve the issue.

The Gazette contacted the Co-op for a response to Miss Anderson but the food retailer failed to comment.

While staff at the store said they were unable to comment, they did confirm that efforts were being made to keep the area clear for residents.