‘Be Prepared’ to buy Sarah’s song for charity

Sarah Daly (aka Metaphorest)
Sarah Daly (aka Metaphorest)

A DYSART musician has released a brand new single in a bid to help raise money for Maggie’s Fife, the cancer care centre.

‘Be Prepared’ is the name of the track which has been released by Sarah Daly, known musically as Metaphorest, in aid of the charity.

The 29-year-old said: “Be Prepared is a song that I wrote back in 2009. It started life as a simple acoustic piece.

“The song always meant a lot to me but it never quite found its home.

“Then US musician Spaceship - who worked with me on my debut album - came across the track and decided to put his own spin on it.

“He created an epic, triumphant Beatles-esque version of the song that just blew me away. ‘‘

The song wasn’t written specifically for Maggie’s, but Sarah has wanted to do something for the charity for a long time.

She said: “Collaborating on this song together was a great experience for us both and so we wanted to do something really special with it.

“I suggested that we donate the proceeds from the song to Maggie’s and Spaceship immediately agreed.”

Sarah explained that she’d first come into contact with Maggie’s and the work they do when her partner, film producer Lawrie Brewster, produced a video for them a few years back.

“I was just so impressed with the organisation and the amazing support it gives to people affected by cancer, in Fife in particular,” she said.

“Cancer has affected my family as it has so many and so it’s a cause that means a lot to me.

“I’m just very happy to be able to help in whatever way I can.”

She added: “Essentially ‘Be Prepared’ is about the way life can throw curveballs at us, and no matter how hard we try to keep on top of things and arm ourselves against the unexpected, there are some things you just can’t be prepared for.

“Sometimes we just have to belt up, trust ourselves and hope for the best.”