Beauty spot ‘being used as drinking den’ by teenagers

Bottles collected after a Friday night drinking session in South Annsmuir Woods
Bottles collected after a Friday night drinking session in South Annsmuir Woods

Police are to patrol a north east Fife beauty spot amid complaints that it’s being used as a ‘drinking den’ by teenagers.

And it’s feared that the young people are putting themselves in danger by crossing a nearby railway line while under the influence.

The issue was raised this week by Ladybank resident John Stark after an alleged session at South Annsmuir Woods last Friday night that he described as ‘a step too far.’

He said the broken glass and bottle tops left lying around posed a danger to pet dogs and that there was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ on the Ladybank/ Perth railway line at Annsmuir crossing, which has to be negotiated in order to get to the woods..

“As this wood has now been used as a drinking den off and on since at least 2004, without any effective intervention, by either the police or via Fife Council’s Alcohol Free Zone Initiative, I think it is now time to go public by alerting parents as to where their off spring have been and been getting up to, regrettably with impunity,” he said.

“It should also be noted that access is permitted to the Woods subject to users behaving responsibly - Scottish Land Access Code.

“Starting fires and drinking alcohol is most definitely in my book not acting responsibly.”

“My chief concern is that a school student while under the influence of alcohol is injured while crossing the line.

“The householders in Golf Street who have had to put up with this antisocial behaviour for a long time now have had enough and sincerely hope that more effective action can be brought about to end this blight on our community.”

Councillor Andy Heer, who represents the Ladybank ward, is to have talks with the Ladybank Woods Users Group and local police.

“My concerns are that kids are abusing alcohol and showing such disregard for other people and for wildlife,” he said.

“I’d also like to know where the youngsters are getting the alcohol from.

“The railway line is obviously also a major worry if they’re crossing while drunk .”

PC Stuart Bruce, community ward officer for the Howe of Fife and Tay Coast said the police had been made aware of the concerns .

“We have a Campaign Against Violence deployment running on Friday and we will be incorporating the area of South Annsmuir Woods, Ladybank in to our patrol matrix,” he said.

“We are speaking with British Transport Police and sharing this information about the use of the crossing to help keep people safe.”