Beauty spot under repair


Work is starting on the damaged access to the beach at Billowness.

The storms in March 2010 caused serious damage around the coast of Fife and gradually repairs are being carried out at the West Anstruther beauty spot (pictured above) as monies become available.

The work, estimated to be costing around £25,000 will involve the reinstating the damaged zig-zag access path and repairs to the surface and stone masonry wall to the west of the path. 

The opportunity will be taken to undertake interim repairs to the concrete section of the sea wall and promenade to the east of the path to protect the area from the worst of the winter storms ahead.

More permanent repairs can then be considered in 2012 if more funding is available.

Councillor Elizabeth Riches welcomed the work, adding: ”I realise this is not going to be a gold standard five-star repair of all the wall but am delighted that some reinstatement is taking place as well as protection of the remaining concrete wall.

“This is a very popular beach and it important that there is safe access to it.

“We are grateful to the assistance of Anstruther Golf Club for the use of part of their car park during the works.”