Becky’s model school

Pic: Phillip Cormack Photography
Pic: Phillip Cormack Photography
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A PROFESSIONAL model from Burntisland is set to teach young girls the tricks of the trade by launching her own modelling school.

Becky Weatherley (21) is opening the school for two weeks from April 1 to coincide with the school holidays.

She is working alongside partners Nikki McLeod, who is a professional photographer, and Emily Simanavicius, a professional make-up artist.

The Central Scotland Modelling School will be based in Donibristle Industrial Estate, Dalgety Bay at Nikki’s photography studio.

It is aimed at two age groups - girls aged 12-17 and over 18s and is set to open during the school holidays in Easter and summer with plans to expand if successful.

Young girls can sign up for a day’s taster session or a four day foundation course.

Becky said while the school can be beneficial for young wannabe models wanting a career in the industry, she said it is also about helping to boost the confidence and self-esteem of young people.

Becky, who has been modelling for seven years, told The Press: “I always wanted to launch my own modelling school and have worked with Nikki and Emily before so we decided to do it together.

“Whether girls want to go on to become doctors, teachers or professional models my aim for the school is to help young people with their confidence and give them a platform to go on to what they want to do in life.

‘‘I won’t treat any other pupil differently just because they want to pursue something other than modelling.

“I suffered a lot with eating disorders when I was younger and I know a lot of people still do.

‘‘There is a lot of pressure put on young people that they must look and dress a certain way.

‘‘But I have always believed that you don’t need to be a size zero and six feet tall in order to be a model.

‘‘Having got through my problems,, I want to channel that in a good way to help others.”

Becky originally wanted to be a dancer and began studying dance at Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy.

But after encountering problems with her knee joints due to struggling with an eating disorder, she left and decided to pursue her modelling career.

She started to get involved with hair and catwalk shows by contacting different salons and asking to be their model. After this she started to build up a good clientele and portfolio which allowed her to go professional three years ago.

At the Fife school students can have hair and make-up photo shoots and learn about posing and catwalk techniques; make up application, skincare, health and nutrition.

Becky added: “If I can get just one of the girls coming to me after the course saying they are healthy and happy with themselves it will mean our hard work has paid off.”

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