Best Lammas for years!

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Organisers of this year’s Lammas Market in St Andrews have said the event has been one of the best in recent years with the uncharacteristically good wealther helping to boost visitor numbers.

A number of new attractions including the Top Star and Orbiter, visiting South Street for the first time, as well as bungee trampolines, were some of the highlights of the street fair, which is the oldest in Europe.

Showman’s Guild member Billy Hammond said they were delighted by the great footfall especially on Saturday and Monday and visitor numbers had increased significantly on the previous couple of years.

He said: “All of the pitches have been filled this year which is great. Last year we had some spaces due to work going on in the town and the weather wasn’t great, but this week has been tremendous. We get a lot of support from people in the town as well as fromt Fife Council in organising the event and it seems like everyone has had a great time.

“The Orbiter and Top Star were new to St Andrews while the Booster proved popular especially in the evenings. We also had a few novelty attractions including the strength test in Market Street as well as loads of kiddies rides so there was something for everyone.

“Showmen have come from all over the country to meet up in St Andrews and we’ve been given a warm welcome. Our fair is separate to the continental market further along Market Street but we think by having both together it’s added to the atmosphere in the town.”

Mr Hammond went on to say that the showmen and their families have enjoyed staying out at the West Sands and had no problems during their visit.

Keith Jackson, Fife Council’s parks and community events organiser, said he was pleased the fair had gone well and said it brought a significant economic boost to the town.

“People will have different views on the Lammas but its fair to say it brings in a lot of visitors to the town and boosts the economy while it’s here. It’s hard to say exactly how much goes into the town’s economy as its hard to get figures but I do know the footfall has been high and the town very busy.”

Mr Jackson added the town also benefits financially as Fife Council passes on any profits from the organisation of the market to the St Andrews Common Good Fund.

“Any money that is made through the Council goes back into the town, so with that and an increase in local trade, we are very happy with the way things have gone this week.”