Better mooove over... cows coming through


WINDYGATES residents had some unusual visitors to their front lawns recently – a herd of runaway cattle.

As many as 32 cows were reported to have escaped from Bankhead Farm and made their way up Balcurvie Road to Cameron Crescent in an apparent bid for freedom.

Resident Jim McNicol was sitting in his study at the time when he saw the bizarre sight approach.

He told the Mail: “I thought it was a person coming in the drive at first.

“They look okay from a distance but when you have 32 of them at your back garden they are big beasts.”

Mr McNicol said he was worried they might damage his property so tried to get them out of his garden.

“It’s quite difficult to try and reverse a cow,” he continued. “It took about 45 minutes before the farmer managed to get them off the street.”

But with no real damage done, bar leaving behind some extra fertiliser for his plants, Mr McNicol added he could see the funny side and that he planned to upload a video he managed to take on to YouTube.

Slightly more disgruntled was one of Mr McNicol’s fellow residents, who asked not to be named. She wrote to the Mail to say the cows had “left a trail of destruction” of trampled plants and cow pats, as well as damaging her garden wall.

Equally frustrated, however was Julie Struthers, of Bankhead Farm, who blamed careless residents for the cows escaping and insisted the farm didn’t want the cows in the village either.

She said: “We have been having ongoing problems with people leaving the gate open to the right of way.

“It was left open on Friday and that is how they got out after being moved for milking.

“We are happy for people to use the right of way but they have to leave the gates the way they find them and follow the Country Code.”