Better parking & new look for Esplanade multi-storey

The esplanade car park
The esplanade car park

Work to help improve the multi-storey car park on Kirkcaldy’s Esplanade is to start on Monday.

The improvements are being carried out as part of the Kirkcaldy Ambitions ‘Time for Action’ plan which was given the go ahead by Kirkcaldy Area Committee in June.

The members approved £175,000 to carry out the work which includes improvements to levels three and four at the car park such as modern internal lighting, bright coloured surfacing, wider parking bays and better signage.

The committee welcomed the changes and hoped that they might encourage more people to use the facility.

The car park will be closed for eight weeks to allow the work to be carried out.

Signs will be in place advising drivers to use alternative town centre parking while the Esplanade car park is shut and these will be placed on approach roads.

Councillor Neil Crooks said he was pleased the improvements to the multi-storey car park were being carried out. He said: “The work is in response to calls for improved parking from shoppers and retailers who suggested better lighting and wider bays were needed.

“This improvement will hopefully encourage more drivers to use the Esplanade car park in future which currently has a very low occupancy rate.

“Funded from the £1m Town Centre budget, this demonstrates that we can actually listen and respond positively to consultations.

He added: “A local parking plan would be needed to meet further demands and I will continue to make that case to release Kirkcaldy from the current Fife-wide planning approach to parking.”

Improvements in pipeline

Ambitions group targets Postings step repairs

Coucillors also agreed to award £47,500 from the Town Centre Development Fund to contribute towards the upgrading of the Postings steps.

The whole project aims to make improvements to the steps in the interests of pedestrian safety by reducing the potential for trips and falls and highlighting the existing ramp.

The improvements are thought to cost £95,000.

The other half of the cash will come from Fife Council’s transportation budget. The work will see the steps and handrails replaced.