BiFab parking plan grinds to a halt

Vehicles pack the Swan Brae roundabout near BiFab
Vehicles pack the Swan Brae roundabout near BiFab
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Controversial plans to use a residents’ car park to help accommodate a huge influx of BiFab workers at Methil have ground to a halt.

Angry residents launched a petition to reject the proposal to use spare capacity at Swan Court in a bid to ease congestion on Swan Brae and surounding areas.

Up to 200 cars are parking off-site, many illegally, since business started booming at BiFab last year.

A spokesman for the residents’ campaign group confirmed it had gathered 155 signatures to oppose the plan.

He said: “Despite this, workers are still coming into our car park.

“At this precise moment, there are 10 cars parked in it.”

The Mail understands discussions are ongoing between BiFab and Scottish Enterprise to arrange a lease which would free up space for 100 car parking spaces on site at Fife Energy Park.

It was hoped this plan would be formalised by the end of 2013. However, a spokesman for Scottish Enterprise would not be drawn on the matter.

“We are currently in detailed discussions with a view to helping the company alleviate issues around parking in the area,” he said.

Fife Council was able to confirm, however, that although plans for Swan Court parking had been scrapped, the authority’s transportation services would be promoting a temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) for the main Energy Park access road, the nearby roundabout and areas of Swan Brae.

“The exact details of the restrictions require to be finalised,” said David Paterson, area services manager for Levenmouth.

“This TTRO should be in place the first week of February. Transportation services will enforce the TTRO with penalty charge notices being issued as appropriate.

“This is aimed at ensuring free access to large vehicles including buses which had been hampered by inappropriate parking. It will still allow for parking on one side of Swan Brae, but not both.”

Solutions cannot come soon enough, said the campaign spokesman.

“We should be able to look out of our flats and not have to see this mess,” he said.

“This area is being systematically destroyed.”