BiFab parking plan is ‘a no go’

Problems at Swan Brae in Methil
Problems at Swan Brae in Methil

A plan to take over a residential car park to accommodate a massive influx of BiFab workers has caused uproar among Methil residents.

In an attempt to reduce 200 cars parking on Swan Brae and surrounding roads near Fife Energy Park, Fife Council is asking long-suffering residents at Swan Court to sacrifice spaces.

But a spokesman for the new Swan Court Residents campaign group branded the plan “ridiculous ’’.

He said: “The irony is the Council washed its hands of responsibility for this car park 17 years ago and now it is trying to commandeer it for BiFab, despite the fact we have rights to it as legally set out in our title deeds.”

In a letter to residents, Dave Paterson, area services manager, said Fife Council was working with Scottish Enterprise to identify extra parking space within Fife Energy Park but needed to find a short-term solution.

However, the campaign group argues BiFab employees are already subjecting residents to verbal abuse and creating noise pollution from as early as 6.20 a.m.

Furthermore, cars were parked so badly on grass verges and along pavements, people with disabilities and mums with young children were unable to cross the road or disembark from buses safely.

A spokesman said: “Fife Council says it can manage the car park – it can’t even manage our four disabled bays!”

As the situation stood, a solution was urgently required, he acknowledged, but the answer easily lay within Fife Energy Park itself.

Speaking to the Mail, Dave Paterson said Fife Council had consulted with all parties including BiFab, nearby residents and elected members and also conducted a survey of the car park.

He said: “The car park at Swan Court has spare capacity over large parts of the day so we’ve sent letters to residents asking them to comment on plans to offer the use of the car park during office hours as a solution, albeit with safeguards built in to protect use by residents.”

Cllr John O’Brien said he fully supported residents in Swan Court and also Shepherd’s Park.

“I’ve stayed in Methil all my life and saw a workforce at RGC park without any problems in the past. Hard working and taxpaying residents should be able to come home and park at their door ,” he added. “I welcome BiFab but Fife Council needs to come up with a better plan soon because it’s only a matter of time before there’s an accident.”