BiFab parking row enters new phase

Swan Court residents campaigning against BiFab parking meet MSP David Torrance.
Swan Court residents campaigning against BiFab parking meet MSP David Torrance.

Campaigners in Methil say they are optimistic that the law and political clout may soon stop BiFab workers parking on local streets.

That was the reaction after a meeting held last Wednesday with MSP David Torrance and residents from Swan Court, Shepherd’s Park and Memorial Court.

A spokesperson from the group said: “We left the meeting with a renewed sense of optimism. It was quite positive with regards to what was being said.”

Around 20 people attended the meeting at Swan Court and voiced their concerns about safety issues caused by an influx of workers to Fife Energy Park.

In a bid to resolve the long-running dispute, a Temporary Traffic Order came into force this week to prevent gridlock parking of cars in and around Swan Brae and surrounding residential streets.

Praising Mr Torrance’s involvement, the campaign spokesperson added: “It’s absolutely important that this traffic order is actually policed and enforced.

“A disabled resident here was imprisoned in his own home for two days because he couldn’t manoeuvre his scooter on the pavements outside.”

The Mail understands there are plans to open up space for up to 200 extra cars on land within the energy park site, however Scottish Enterprise has elected to remain tight-lipped on the fine print..

A spokesperson said:“We are currently in detailed discussions with a view to helping the company alleviate issues around parking in the area.”

A solution cannot come soon enough for disgruntled residents, who maintain the situation is an “accident waiting to happen”

Recently, an ambulance was unable to reach the main door of Swan Court.

David Torrance commented: “I welcomed the opportunity to meet with residents and listen to their concerns in person. There are obviously quite a few issues that need to be addressed and I will do my best to liaise with the different parties involved in order to try and find a permanent and satisfactory resolution to the difficulties being faced by all.”