Big stage success for Tanshall youngsters

Tanshall Primary's Kung Fu Pandas
Tanshall Primary's Kung Fu Pandas
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A THOUGHT provoking stage play with a modern message and written solely by primary school children in Glenrothes has proved a huge hit with audiences, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

The production of ‘Gel’, a two hour drama, song and dance performance by pupils from Tanshall Primary School has wowed audiences at three sell-out shows.

The hard hitting story of Gel centres around two gangs of children and how their differing worlds collide as one gang ruins the others plans for a stage play.

Trouble flares and a fight ensues, changing the lives of everyone involved and in the process delivers a number of strong social messages.

Children from across the school have been working on the production of the drama since April and their efforts brought rapturous applause from all who saw it, as Head Teacher Elaine Davidson explained.

“The efforts and hard work of the children from across the different age groups was breathtaking and quite overwhelming, and it was because of their continuous enthusiasm that the show really proved to be a success.

“It was the kids who came up with the story line and I must admit it had a little bit of everything including drama, comedy, music and song, a strong moral message and even some romance too and even delivered a positive ending.

“The production really did involve everyone connected to the school from the children to the teachers and even the volunteers and support staff.”

And it wasn’t just the children in front of the audience that contributed Elaine explained.

“For those children who didn’t want to dance, sing or act they had a chance to be involved in the behind the scenes activity and others took on a front of house role.

“They even produced a professionally printed programme for the show in which pupils wrote letters to companies and community groups to secure sponsorship, some of the children then sold them.

“I must say, the whole event was an absolutely fantastic achievement and is something that the kids can be rightly proud of.”

And the while the buzz and chatter in the corridors is still of the events of the last week, the school is now gearing up for a well earned rest.

“Exhausted, that’s the general feeling right now” laughed Elaine, who added: “The hard work was worth it but I think the whole school is read to put their feet up once the summer holidays kick in.”