Big traffic problem raises fears in small community

A917 road at Drumeldrie, east of Upper Largo (picture by Walter Neilson, SSFM5013255)
A917 road at Drumeldrie, east of Upper Largo (picture by Walter Neilson, SSFM5013255)

Fresh demands are being made for action to curb speeding traffic in one of north east Fife’s smallest settlements.

A spate of accidents at Drumeldrie has led to renewed calls to make the area safer.

A local councillor is calling for a meeting with residents, police, Fife Council officials community councillors and other interestred groups.

Villagers and Largo Area Community Council have been asking for a long time for measures such as a reduced speed limit, street lighting and proper footpaths for the tiny community, east of Upper Largo.

However, Drumeldrie, with only a little cluster of houses, is not classed or a village or even a hamlet, because of its size.

Local people fear it may be this factor which has denied them any significant action so far.

But they feel the potential danger is not acceptable in the modern day.

Resident Ann Miller said around half a dozen accidents had occurred in the last three months. Cars had ended up in hedges, road signs had been wrecked, and drivers often vanished after their cars left the road.

Community council chairman Peter Aitken said: “We would welcome anything that could be done. Villagers have been concerned for many years.”

Cllr David Alexander said elderly Drumeldrie householders “feel isolated and in a dangerous situation”.

He added: “I think we need local councillors, transportation officers, community council members, police, and locals to meet onsite and thrash out what is required to make life safer for residents and motorists alike.”

Angus Broadhurst, of the Council’s lighting asset management and maintenance section, said the department would be happy to take part in any meeting. However, street lighting was mainly provided only in urban areas and not small, rural stettlements.