Bike menace continues to blight communities

Councillor David Graham, centre
Councillor David Graham, centre

The frequent problem of anti-social use of motorbikes had been particularly bad in areas of Levenmouth this summer, according to a local councillor.

David Graham said he had received a number of “vociferous emails” about the irresponsible riding of motorbikes over long hours, particularly around the Kirkland Walk and Poplar Road areas.

Cllr Graham told Fife Council’s Levenmouth area committee that some riders were “zooming about until 3.00 a.m or 4.00 a.m.” in areas of green space.

Some of the machines were “not in great condition” he added, and he had heard a number of complaints from people living locally, many of whom could not sit out in their gardens in good weather because of the noise.

One man had claimed a motorbike was driven straight at him in Poplar Road, said Cllr Graham, who had raised the matter with police on a number of occasions.

Officers were using an “intelligence-led approach” to identify culprits and Chief Inspector Adrian Annandale said: “The people responsible are often under-age, don’t have licences, don’t use protective clothing and, critically, very often don’t wear helmets.

“We endeavour to identify those responsible and deal with them accordingly. We are aware of Cllr Graham’s concerns and tasking is ongoing within the Methil community team to do what we can to stop this dangerous practice and bring the perpetrators to justice.