Bikes driven in Kirkcaldy school playground disrupted exam

Pupils sitting a maths exam at a Kirkcaldy school last week were disturbed by two motorbikes being revved and driven noisily around the playground.

Monday, 16th May 2016, 1:16 pm
Updated Monday, 16th May 2016, 2:22 pm
The launch of Operation Fireblade last week

The students had just started their National 5 exam paper at Kirkcaldy High School on Thursday when two youths on scrambler style bikes drove into the school’s front playground and began revving their engines, causing a lot of noise.

Teachers quickly went outside to speak to the drivers who were reported to be doing wheelies in the area and driving around the playground, before driving off.

They were caught on the school’s CCTV cameras, and the footage is being used by police officers to try to trace those responsible.

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Derek Allan, the school rector, who was out of the premises at the time of the incident, around 1.10pm, told the Press: “The pupils had just started their exam when two people on distinctive scrambler bikes drove into the school’s front playground doing wheelies and riding their bikes around the playground for a few minutes, revving them loudly.

“This obviously disturbed the pupils for a short time, and the chief invigilator has made a report to the SQA about this. This exceptional circumstances report will be taken into consideration when the exam paper is being marked.

“Although it was only for a short time, probably under five minutes or less, it was nevertheless a disturbance.

“Staff went out to speak to them and the police were quickly on the scene.

“This was a very dangerous and disruptive thing to do at a school, particularly as there would have been students around at the time.

“We have good CCTV coverage of the incident and our staff got a good look at the culprits, so I am confident that they will be traced soon.”

The incident happend just days after Police Scotland launched its Operation Fireblade campaign to clamp down on the illegal use of motorbikes and quad bikes in the town.